COVID-19: Princess Cruises

Managing COVID-19 quarantine on behalf of Princess Cruises


Following an initial referral by the Australian Government, Aspen Medical has been contracted by a number of international cruise companies to assist with quarantine measures following positive results for COVID-19 infection amongst staff and passengers.

Aspen Medical supported the quarantine of several hundred members of the Diamond Princess crew at a land-based quarantine facility in Tokyo, Japan. Aspen Medical deployed 56 professionals including infectious disease experts, doctors, nurses and environmental health officers along with operations personnel. Aspen Medical provided services at the facility including daily health and wellbeing checks, laundry, meal and housekeeping services, security and assisting with recreational activities.

Following the successful outcomes at the land-based quarantine facility in Tokyo on behalf of Princess Cruises, Aspen Medical has been contracted to provide project management, clinical oversight and consultancy relating to clinical services for the remaining 400+ crew on board the Grand Princess.

This cruise ship has been docked off San Francisco where there is an added challenge for our team of 25 in terms of providing services on board the ship, with no on-shore support, rather than at a land-based quarantine facility.


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