Planning workshop and development of protocols

Aspen Medical can provide suitably qualified team members to facilitate a planning workshop with relevant authorities. With support from our global head office, personnel on the ground would assist with the protocols around reporting, communications, procedures on site and the testing of suspected infected patients. Items that State Departments will need to consider will be:

  • provision of isolation facilities
  • integration with the local health network
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Tyvek gowns, face masks, sanitizer and goggles
  • detection equipment including contactless thermometers.


The development of a Communication Plan between key stakeholders and local authorities will be critical to the seamless management and integration into support systems should they be required.

Aspen Medical will liaise with key personnel to establish a communication and reporting regime. Communications protocols will also be established between Aspen Medical and any service delivery partners/sub-contractors etc.

Aspen Medical will be responsible for any necessary communications between healthcare and medical personnel, to ensure the maintenance of non-coronavirus clinical in confidence information.